Sunday, July 19, 2009

Auto Rig

I figured I'd post something about my auto rigger I've been working on. This is of course an ongoing long process- but I hope to have a functional prototype maybe by the end of the summer (unrealistically). So far I've got the skeleton generator portion totally functional (at least for a biped). It creates a bunch of locators for you to place in the appropriate parts of the body, then replaces those with properly orienteed joints. It has a nice little feature where you can choose the number of fingers, and also, if it's symmetrical, you only have to place one side and the other aligns automatically. I'm pretty stoked about this one.

I'm currently working on setting up the spine. Again, you can choose you many joints, whether it's FK, IK, or FK/IK, and whether it's stretchy and maintains volume. My big thing about this auto rig is that I want to give the person as many choices as possible- so they can keep it super simple if that's all that's needed, or make it complex and really powerful.

In other news, my FK IK matcher is still about 95% complete. I suppose I should finish that one, too, so I can incorporate it into the auto rig. I'll add all of these to my website for download as they get finished. There's already some nifty scripts up there that you should check out.

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