Saturday, June 27, 2009

This was something I wanted to try doing. These are four different stages of an animation project. The top left is just my camera layout- the object was to focus on the reactions from the other character to what was being said, not the character speaking. The one next to that is my initial blocking. The bottom left is blocking 2, with breakdowns, anticipations, settles, etc. And the bottom right is the final inbetweened version with facial.

You may notice that there were some pretty major changes made pretty late in the game. I don't normally like working that way, but as I unstepped things and got further along, Moom (the one wiping his nose) had way too broad and fast movements in such a short time. I decided to make him a lot more subtle, and take out most of his movement to allow for more thinking time before he says his last line.

Also, the line is from Christmas Vacation.